First Love Is Unforgettable Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

First Love Is Unforgettable

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First Love Is Impossible To Forget
By: Freeyad Ibrahim
The First love is never to forget
It is like a fossil carved on granite
I loved Catherine from bottom to head
Never I forget Her …I bet
After she disappeared from my sight
Thirty days and nights I tears shed
I loved her from feet to head
Her departure filled me with dread
The eyesight blared with tears
So that both turned swollen and red
Who says love is bitterly sickness?
He has well diagnosed cleverly well-said
No appetite left no more tea with bread
Some friends solaced me and said
Don't hide what love with you have made
Tell.. recount your love story
For we are all lovers, they said
I tried to forget
No sobs no sighs no tears to be shed
To soothe my agony and sleeplessness ahead
To neglect …to regret…to forget…
Yet the tension increased instead
True he who said love sometimes to madness led
Lo…the first love Sticks to the heart
Paralyzed awe stricken confined to bed
As long as the heart throbs within my chest
Her image beats within it like an embryo
in a womb which is with care overfed
A sage directed to beware not too much care:
‘You and Your Love are twins stuck together
Impossible to be separated from each other or spread
Together you live together you go dead
Lad…Don't be misled…! '
Freyad Hugo

Thursday, November 19, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: first love
Dr Dillip K Swain 25 October 2021

It's like a fossil carved on granite...superb expression!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 20 November 2020

A well scribed poem.... Truly splendid and lovely....5 stars *****

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Freeyad Ibrahim Hugo 27 November 2020

your nice words i appreciate so much my dear thanks a lot god bless you

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Chinedu Dike 19 November 2020

A very compassionate piece of poetry, very heartfelt with strong emotions...

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Freeyad Ibrahim Hugo 10 December 2020

Dour nice words i appreciate so much my dear thanks a lot God bless you

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