Football Fever Poem by Vijay Sai R

Football Fever

Football fever
Gripping all over
Fierce battles
Fittingly fought
Triumphant team
Winning accolades
Late night parties
Crowded countrymen
Celebrations galore
Shining south africa
Dazzling lighting
Quizzing questions
Is it day in night!
I turnaround
Weeping west africa
Crying countrymen
Impoverished infants
Hunger stricken
Poverty at peak
Food ball fever
Gripping all over
Quizzing questions
Is it night in day!

Anita Khelawan 06 July 2010

i like the way in which this poem is written.......excitement is most present in the poem.....'Food ball fever' just loved that part

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Kiara Weeks 07 July 2010

I really like this poem, it tells the truth of what is going on in South Africa at the moment!

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Dennis Hill 25 October 2018

aint that the truth

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Gita Ashok 05 July 2010

You have handled the paradox so well. The most impressive lines are: 'Is it day in night! ' and finaly, 'Is it night in day! ' Great literary work!

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Not only in SA, money is being wasted in our India as well...See IPL...millions and billions of bidding for players who r not worth...This is sad the money is being underutilized around the Globe...Beautiful Poem...Thought Provoking! !

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what is food ball 10 October 2019

food ball? rilly ugggggggg

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Brian Jani 16 June 2014

Well penned poem vijay

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Susan Lacovara 15 September 2013

Very telling poem about the struggles of Africans, that the whole world needs know. Your writing is beautifully strewn with imagery laced in with a simplicity that Turkey tells the story you are conveying. I enjoyed your work. PEACE.

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Makhosonke Dhlamini 19 December 2012

It is punctuated by the truth, Bravo honorable poet

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So Close 11 November 2012

good work...the subject something different and also lovable too....keep it up: -)

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Vijay Sai R

Vijay Sai R

Trichy, South India
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