For A Girl In A Book Poem by Ben Jonson

For A Girl In A Book

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Kim, composite of all my loves,
less real than most, more real than all;
of my making, all the good and
some of the bad, yet of yourself;
sole, unique, strong, alone,
whole, independent, one: yet mine
in that you cannot be unfaithful.

Bernard F. Asuncion 11 July 2017

Such a sweet and lovely poem... Thanks for posting....

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 July 2017

Yet of yourself! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 11 July 2017

yet mine in that you cannot be unfaithful....................................... Excellent. Nice post. Thanks.

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Lantz Pierre 11 July 2017

What a crazy little ode. I love it. Meta-writing, usually an exercise in self-aggrandizement, is pulled and polished with finesse here. The author creates a fictional love interest, drawing on all the experiences and observations and imaginings a writer uses when creating a character, and then he writes a poem of adulation to his creation. Which is a little like saying, My, what a wonderful writer I am. But he couches it in terms of the uniqueness of the creation, it's fidelity to his impulses, not whether it's all bad or all good, but that it is all °him°. The created character is his creation and can be credited to no one else. A hard twist to pull off without exhibiting hubris, but this is humbly done. Lovely.

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Seamus O Brian 11 July 2017

As usual, I find myself agreeing with Lantz, once I decipher his complexity and adjust my eyes to his perspective. I believe perhaps here the humility may be the result of that phenomenon of writing where our creation begins to take on a life of its own, and expands into something greater than our original design, such that when it is complete, we may step back and genuinely admire what has emerged.

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Anil Kumar Panda 11 July 2018

Great poem. Love poem written in a unique style. Short and beautiful. Enjoyed the emotion of love in it.

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Khairul Ahsan 11 July 2018

'yet of yourself; sole, unique, strong, alone, whole, independent, one: yet mine in that you cannot be unfaithful.' - Wonderful thoughts!

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 11 July 2018

A real unique lovely written poem...I like it

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R Merce 11 July 2018

Precise and perfect poem, how we all create and are subjected by that which we love.

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Rajnish Manga 11 July 2018

Beautiful poem of love. Drawing a portrait of lover. 'less real than most, more real than all'. Thanks.

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