For Helen Keller Poem by Richard Wlodarski

For Helen Keller

Rating: 5.0

Although she was blind
She saw with her heart
Very much better
Than most with their eyes

Although she was deaf
Listening to heart
Public speaker strength
Inspired the world

Monday, June 27, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: lessons of life
Today is Helen Keller Day!
Sandra Feldman 27 June 2022

A most inspired and meritorious great poem. So deserving, written with so much truth, veracity and heart.

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Nabakishore Dash 29 June 2022

Listening and seeing with heart are always better than any thing. Brilliant.

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Richard Wlodarski 30 June 2022

Poet Dash, I'm honored that you find the poem to be brilliant. Sincerest thanks!

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Great write about a great person. An inspiration to generations. Happy to read. Thank You, Richard and Thank You, PoemHunter

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Richard Wlodarski 29 June 2022

Both her and her teacher Anne Sullivan were true inspirations for generations to come. All of us should learn through their example! Very happy with your response, Poet Menon.

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Anjandev Roy 29 June 2022

Great write.....thanks for sharing

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Richard Wlodarski 29 June 2022

Sincerest thx, Anjandev for your very positive response.

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Kim Barney 28 June 2022

Hen Keller was indeed special, and so was her teacher. How in the world did Anne Sullivan manage to teach someone who was both deaf and blind? Amazing!

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Richard Wlodarski 29 June 2022

You're absolutely right, Kim! And as I was writing this poem, I was formulating one for Anne Sullivan. Both women exemplified the greatness of the human spirit!

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Richard Wlodarski 28 June 2022

Geeta, it makes me very happy that you've added this poem to your favourites. It is indeed an honour!

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