Geezer Poets Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

Geezer Poets

Rating: 3.6

geezer poets with your guns ablaze
who pathetically pine for your glory days

who shoot down young poets at every whim
who burn their every poem, every prose, every hymn

who would curse a young poet in your final gasp
dropping your weapon from your weakening grasp...

geezer poets, you know who you are
no one gives a damn about your fallen star

and when dementia renders you unable to think
of which ends your lousy pens diffuse your stupid ink

a young poet will use your rifle's butt
to pound the tired lid of your coffin shut

Eric Paul Shaffer 05 January 2006

Scary stuff, and nice work with rhyme.

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Cj Heck 25 November 2005

Excellent poem, Jake - although I'm feeling like I might be one of the geezers, Lord, help me. But I did enjoy reading this poem. My warmest regards and respect, CJ

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Michael Shepherd 19 October 2005

...yeah, I could be like that when I'm older... neat as always, Jake. Rich Hanson too has a sharp poem about an ex-hot geezer poet on the faculty staff...

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Marcy Jarvis 22 September 2005

yes, yes LOL until I realize I AM a geezer poet to any 30 year old.

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Uriah Hamilton 08 September 2005

Not a bad poem, but I hope one day, you and I become geezer poets, I think I hope that, I don't hope the part about putting other poets' work down.

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Robert Howard 28 June 2007

Love it. The wonderful irony of this is in it's impeccable rhyme which is a rather conservative way to put a poem together. A lot of geezers would approve the form while grumbling about the content.

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Vincent James Turner 26 November 2006

love it all, the last two lines says it all! Robin

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Goldy Locks 15 July 2006

i thought this was great, DIEnamic. stickin' it to the man, as God intended. & nice rhymes. Sus.

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Mike Finley 14 April 2006

Owwwwwww! !

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Declan McHenry 18 March 2006

Shooting from the hip. A neat and fun piece. Enjoyed! ! ! ! ! ! !

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