'For Mom'

You gave me life and happiness too, you've been there for me with all the problems Iv'e went through. You have taught me to be brave and strong, you always did your best to protect me from the wrong. You have been my friend from the very start, you have showed me how to put myself back together when it all falls apart. I Love you MOM and you will always be in my heart! ! We may have our moments and sometimes fight, we have often disagreed of whats wrong or right. Theres times that we dont see eye to eye, but even as I grow up, I will still need your shoulder to cry. I will forever treasure the special bond that we share, with you as my mom I will always continue to care. You have been there for me thru it all, you were always there to pick me up if i should fall. No matter how much our problems have ever brought, you were always the one to make me see the good that we have got. Mom, whenever my life seemed to hard to bare, I would turn around to find you right there. Whatever my life shall bring I will always know your being there was the very best thing.You have taught me a lot of good and kept me from what seemed to lead me to bad, not only are you my mom, but also- the very best friend i ever had! ! ! I love you mom., written in love to my mommy 11-20-98'