For You Poem by Debra A.G. Hawley

For You

Rating: 3.0

My heart cries out for you
with silent voice
in those moments lost somewhere
between dreams and waking.

My arms reach out for you
slow motion touches
almost feeling your hand
it's warmth a memory.

My lips still part for you
remembering your mouth
gently brushing mine
then moving on to speak.

My eyes still watch for you
in dragonflies
and darkened skies above
beyond the moon.

Chuck Audette 02 March 2006

This is a moving, heartfelt tribute. My condolences.. Beautiful poem, loved the last stanza. -chuck

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Esther Leclerc 15 March 2006

This is absolutely beautiful - everything Chuck says. For me, this is a perfect poem in meaning and all the rest...

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Scarlett Treat 23 March 2006

As soon as I saw your name, I thought AHA! another PIMer Chuch has brought over, cause I remembered you are in TX now. I have much family, in Jersey, and many in TX, including a son. Have been reading your PIM every day! ! I love this poem, esp. the phrasing of the 'almost' remembering. How tender and loving this work is, with the loss and the remembering. Good work. Scarlett

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heartfelt love poem...........

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Barbara Attaway 10 January 2007

Those dragonflies ARE always all around us now, aren't they. I never noticed them so much before. But since he has gone away...I NEED VERY MUCH TO BELIEVE they are the embodiment of his dear spirit. It may as well be true, because now everytime I see one...I may as well be looking at him. FOR YOU is simply beautiful and a work of art packed with emotion (just like the two of you were together, I might add) . He WAS so wonderful and so easy to love! Yours, Barb

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Duncan Wyllie 22 July 2006

Lovely and so well pictured, thankyou Debra, love duncan X

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Jerry Hughes 22 July 2006

Deeply moving and sincere...

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Scarborough Gypsy 24 March 2006

I also love this poem. Beautiful, simple and heart felt. Very nicely put together. I will go on to read more now. Thankyou Gyp's

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