Forecast Slightly Shuffled Poem by Susan Lacovara

Forecast Slightly Shuffled

Rating: 5.0

Yesterday, I wore enough layers
to clothe a small village
braving January's bullying taunts
Breathe frozen, words whispered
falling from an icicle tongue
Wishing my gait was quicker
and the sun, warmer, more yellow
against the dismal gray backdrop
of leftover dirty mounds
of sidewalk cleared snow
defiant in it's departure

Today, like a cruel joke,
Mother Nature shuffles the deck
to deal a different hand
As the morning fog finds it's way
from the warmer than the air sea,
stretching out it's caped vast vapor
carousing the streets, as if on parade,
the temperature tricks me
into thoughts of spring...
Come out, come out, and play

But, it is just for today...

Clever how deception can change my plans
of staying solitarily stuck, in winter's fold
Luring me to shed scarf and glove
fill my lungs with belief
that I just might be able to rally
and conquer this dreaded season
of sniffles and sore bones,
beds, of too many blankets,
sunsets, too early,
daydreaming of surf and sand
An appetizer taste, for the wishful, waiting...
Only to be snatched, a firefly in flight
My forecast, slightly shuffled
Dress appropriately....and wait...
For the days to grow KINDER,
the sun to climb higher

(01/11/14) a short break, from the impatience, that winter creates. Take it for what it is worth.
Anthony Burkett 29 January 2014

It speaks volumes of yearning... a premature birth of anticipation... but perhaps that's just my nature that's reflected in your pen... nonetheless... to me it's well worth a delightful pause from winter's grasp... really! : -)

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Gajanan Mishra 12 January 2014

the sun to climb higher, Very fine. thanks. Please read my poems and comment.

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Brajendra Nath Mishra 12 January 2014

The cruel chill or winter vanishing and giving way to the preparations for setting in of warm spring..a life's journey depicted through nature's changing patterns.. I appreciate your sense of visualization..Keep on writing..

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