Forlorn Love Poem by Rajkumar Mukherjee

Forlorn Love

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for the sake of love
let’s stay afar
It is better for both of us
nearness only brings us woes
unfulfilled desire
untold words
accumulate in our hearts
pangs of love
pathos of distance
torment our nights our dreams

loneliness creeps into our souls
and makes us sadder
better stay afar
for the sake of love
even we cannot be together
at least the dream persists
and with that hope in heart
we can pass through rest of our life

Rajkumar- Mumbai

Naidz Ladia 22 March 2009

'for the sake of love let’s stay afar It is better for both of us nearness only brings us woes'.....i quote this stanza coz i want to concentrate here...yes, this is right, there are some who just go just for the sake of love, , , but the common question is WHY? .....well, answers are maybe intheir hearts, answers may also in our hearts.... these lines express real situations in life..this is not a fallacy..i like the presentation..the title and the contents cmplments each other'.for the sake of love, even if we cannot be togethe'r...tsk tsk tsk...what an understanding love it is...a very beautiful piece with honesty inside the feelings of the author placed in words in his honest poem forlorn love, , , very nice.... naizz

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Cynthia renee 26 March 2009

very beautiful but sad.....even for the sake of love should you deny that love by distance and seperation? is something to charish and hold close, i know that saying that if you love someone you should let them go and if they come back to you then that love is true....but what if they cant come back but they try then does that make that love a lie?

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Pablo Cruise 05 April 2009

That 'hole in the heart' fills many, many pages. Very personal. I like the longing of your words, Rajkumar

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Mamta Agarwal 14 May 2009

nearness only brings us woes- the poem has many quotable lines, which reminds me of so called cliches - familiarity breeds contempt. ones we love are the ones who are taken for granted and treated with contempt, and thus distance, misunderstandings, hurt creep in and gradually destroy the relationship. we start feeling alone and lonely and long for solitude. very touching poem 10 Mamta

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rago rago 28 April 2009

In the prangs of love why she has to depart and live apart........even in the next door true love can survive. Let such a situation did not come. Very very nice poem and resembles somewhere happened.10+++

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Ravi A 23 April 2009

Is it your own case or a leaf taken out from somebody's life? So long as love remains as a thought and not a natural stream of heart, the closeness or the distance do not make any difference. Thought will come and go. Thought will make our mind sway this way or the other. It is the thought of love which hampers us. The problem with the world is that it expects love and doesn't give it on the first place. Only the situation of expectation exists in every angle. We may claim that we actually love the world but if we analyse the situation, we can see that our sense of love is very much conditional and not unconditional. Such a situation should not exist.

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Catrina Heart 12 April 2009

pangs of love pathos of distance torment our nights our dreams --------- heartfelt verses, distance truly makes the heart forlorn though it is a test how love will stand and survive in the adversaries of life....Chitra was right, through absence we will know the true value of one......10

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Chitra - 09 April 2009

a true and heartfelt poem... to cherish and nurture the unconditional love distance at times becomes a must only then do people value each others' presence through their absence

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