From Princess Lee Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

From Princess Lee

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Dear Sylvia Frances Chan, she wrote
It's about your book Emeralds Green, she quotes

This is Princess Lee from Gotham Books
and I hope this email finds you well in all nooks

In the years that we've been in the industry,
for us, it's out of ordinary

to reach out to an author for a book
that we didn't publish ourselves in our nook

This, however, is an exception that we're glad to make.
Your book made such a mark on us, never a fake
that we want to offer a partnership with you
in having it reach its full potential, this is true

I would like to know
if you are still proactively promoting your book?

If 'yes', I would like to know more about your book,
your goals/plans you've set for this book

and what happened after your book was published
we wish not to want to miss

If 'no', do you have a new manuscript
that you're currently working on and focusing on?

We believe this is the best time to let the world know
how your book can touch people's lives, wow!

Let them realize why they should read your book
and it's time to light up people's lives with this look

We have great promotional services
that will utilize the people's avances
even if they might be at home,
surfing the internet or even listening to a radio-prom

At the same time, it will help your traditional publishing goals
or maybe get good results with sales on wholes

Moving forward is the best thing to do
and you don't need to expect others to do it for you.

I would like to schedule you an appointment
to talk to you in regards to your book's advertisement

Please let me know what is your best time
and best phone number to reach you sublime

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best Regards too

Princess Lee

Today I received a message from Princess Lee of Gotham Books. Some lines-ending, I made it rhyming in the end, but this is her message through a personal posting, please you may know too, thank you for reading, best regards from The Netherlands, Sylvia
Dr Dillip K Swain 18 November 2022

A great poem. Thanks and regards for sharing

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Sylvia Frances Chan

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