I Will Not Need To Cheat Poem by Obed dela Cruz

I Will Not Need To Cheat

Rating: 4.9

Revised with the help of Mr. Luke Easter:

I will not need to cheat on this or any test,
Very long hours of study to be by the best,
Many praise, encourage and show love to me,
Fulfilling desires through my dreams I see.

Freedom from sacrifice yes this work is hard,
Cannot give defeat a silent chance to bombard,
I will consider these choices my right of grace,
A means of worldly greatness adorns my face.

Relay an experience through proper decorum,
Grace without wisdom defeating the boredom,
Existence is only for the better rights of good,
I doubt without feuding in my neighborhood.

We should not desire wantonness feeling guilt,
A circus big top clown I make my way in stilts,
Successful through the truth, I am rigidly built,
Bagpipes guide the masses in my Scottish Kilts.

A Pied Piper if you will, donned in holy array,
By leading mediocrity of incompetence astray,
Perfection is an art that many have lost in time,
Yet we choose to move forward if only in mind.

What good is confession when words form a lie,
And the problem is expanded from failure. why?
Where there is a tendency to accept second best,
A successful future has been solemnly laid to rest.

One familiar adage I have good and I have bad news,
The first is, this work was started by Obed Dela Cruz,
As the latter is more like American-Philippine Blues,
We worked together knowing sometimes it takes two.

So who is the monster inside, is it real or is it fake?
Is it truly taking a chance where you have an escape?
A heart beats not, without blood pumping in the chest,
Ans again, I will not need to cheat on this or any test.

Original version: original title 'I Don't Want The Feeling Of Guilt'

There! The paper is right in front of me.
And on it, an almost perfect score I see.
Seeing the total I rubbed my eyes twice,
For it almost cost the principles of life.

What face will I show in front of my friends,
I’ll not be a true man unless this test contends,
To the construct virtue while my honor begins,
If justice through love will ever make amends.

So now, I choose to tell our math professor,
A classmate mistakenly corrected my error,
Boldly prepared to face pitfall of his actions,
The whole cannot be destroyed by a fraction.

Bartered for that which was not impure? No!
Yes! Minus the feeling of guilt I chose to go,
My heart and mind clean throughout the day,
As with other mistakes this too will go away.

(this poem is the revised version - revision is done with the help of Mr. Luke Easter and Mr. Ronald Peat)


Nobody want to feel gulity. But you're right about having to have the wisdom in order to be free. Great poem!

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It's wonderful very well narrated.It reminds me of someone in my class when I was at the university, everytime we have algebra exam he keeps asking answer from us. I admire the way you expressed your feelings here. best regards, jdh

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Aldo Kraas 20 October 2009

I know that you are rhiming you words. Yes in this pem is necesary. But they told me never to rhime a poem because it loses it originality and throws all the meaning away. What about haikus not a good idea. It has no feelings it is very sour or cold.

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Philip Winchester 20 October 2009

You are heading in the right direction, never be satisfied with the last Poem you Wrote. Take time to learn the Grammer, Punctuation, the Metric Order. The Structure...The All important Structure.You are your own Master.Keep in touch, You have far to travel..And this is only just the Start.....Are You Ready? Kind Regards. Philip........I gave you a +10

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Sally Plumb Plumb 20 October 2009

You have good ideals for one so young.

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Dr Antony Theodore 13 August 2018

A Pied Piper if you will, donned in holy array, By leading mediocrity of incompetence astray, Perfection is an art that many have lost in time, Yet we choose to move forward if only in mind...very nice and great poetry perfection, the desire not to mediocre in all that we do is the first step towards greatness.. thank u dear poet. tony

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 24 November 2009

a WISE pen! strong messages Thanks For Sharing!

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Jester's P 23 October 2009

the poem is well written- measurement and rhythm is applied. and the message of the poem is of honesty and sincerity. keep it up my dear poet friend...the legacy of poetry is noble and ancient- the are gift of passion and devotion... all the best

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Melvin Banggollay 23 October 2009

Great write in form and structure with wisdom as placid as the future thanks for sharing

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Omar Ibrahim 22 October 2009

it is the best of yours i think......you are developing very fast.....waiting to see you a great poet in the future if you kept developing....write more obed...

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