I Say Goodbye To My Bad Self Poem by Obed dela Cruz

I Say Goodbye To My Bad Self

Rating: 4.6

Now, it has been a long time
Since we’re together in a rhyme
Thinking of how we will use this lime
Because together, we are one mime.

We lived, acted, and have done wrong doings together,
And I thought we could be happy with this forever
But these wrong things we’ve done, I want not to remember,
Because you’ve made me a cheater and not a good sir.

I’m sick of being a bad actor trying to be good
And now, I have finally decided to change my mood
I want to say goodbye to you because that is a should
I will leave and forsake you because I know I could.

Bad self, fleshly deeds, bad works, and negative side of me,
Goodbye to you because I need to be what I should be
And what I “should be” is being truthful, just, and free.
That’s why I’ve decided to be a “respectful he”

For sure, when I disregard and overcome you, I’m more than a peaceful sea,
Because in my observation, when we’re together, we are bad poetry.
I am not blind because I live in the truth and God gave me eyes that can see.
I am designed to be a human being and a human being I need to be.

I am a man who loves God and loved by God,
And not just a creature that was made from mud.
I’ll leave you because I’m not just a lad
But a dear man that doesn’t like to be bad.

I choose to walk on the straight roads of truth,
So that I won’t destroy my youth
And I wish not to be uncouth
For I know that I’m more than a sleuth.

After all of these things I wrote, my message is just that I say goodbye to my bad self.
For I have decided to be the best and not just an old book inside that old shelf.

I desire to excel and help others to be the best
Because my allegiance belongs to the Supreme One.

Lady Grace 21 July 2009

hope this one is an honest promise...nicely written and the thought is powerful..sweetheart..being good is a gift from heaven, ..being good is a non questionable attitude..so, you are precisely right..leave your bad self..be in your good 'you'...

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Michelle Kidwell 21 July 2009

This is awesome, a great poem I pray you achieve this goal and I think you will In Christs Love Michelle~

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a lovely, sweet and sincere poem..loved it..and so beautifully penned

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Lycko Chizo 22 July 2009

I love you had finally defeated the evil within you. You are now new! Continue dwelling and His loving palm my friend and continue writing poem that inspires your reader. Love it! 10

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Azcuena Acosta 25 July 2009

this is such a sweet poem about change..you are still so young, so congradulations on changing the old you

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 29 August 2009

desire to excel and help others to be the best Because my allegiance belongs to the Supreme One., , , , , , , , , , good idea and one must obey to HIS spirit..that may bring good fortune for self and others.....10

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Isaac Maliya 08 August 2009

Highly complex poem with a serious message!

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Joseph Poewhit 03 August 2009

Poem is very mature for 14

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Aziz Alkaabi 03 August 2009

Good write... Keep writing and good luck.

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Marilyn Lott 31 July 2009

An awful lot of thought went into this piece for someone so young. You are on the road to greatness if you stay on this path. '10! ' Best Wishes, Marilyn

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