I Don'T Want To Be Down Forever Poem by Obed dela Cruz

I Don'T Want To Be Down Forever

Rating: 4.4

On my feet I will stand
With wings spread, I will hover fast
And fly high. I don’t want to be a loser,
But a winner, so I will soar.

Reaching the sun and hitting the goal,
Reaching the big blue sky and having the prize.

I don’t want to be down forever
I don’t want to be a coward.
I don’t want to be chicken that flies too low.
I will soar and fly high.

I will lower my pride and be humble.
To do this, I must ask grace from the mighty One who sees me.
Like an eagle, I will fly higher than clouds.

I will soar high, I will succeed in life.

Copyright © 2009 by Obed Dela Cruz

(To use this poem in a legal way, you could email me at princeobed_dc@yahoo.com but of course, you cannot own the poem because it violates some of the law of informations systems and copyright)

(July 21,2009; Marikina City; 5: 10PM)


don’t want to be a coward. one should never be coward andmere spectator too.. good resolve for human being....10 u bemy good friend.. read mine cowardice act.... mere spectator

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Catrina Heart 26 July 2009

Faith and confidence goes together...nice and lovely poem! ! ! Thanks.......

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Ency Bearis 26 July 2009

a good determination...a nice ambition...well written... (Just don't go down abruptly as it hurts...do it steps by steps to high up and slowly to go down..)

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Antonio Liao 26 July 2009

wow....a hubble poem of wish....that's a good mind set.....very positive and God is the center of hope.....perfect dream of truth and God as part of plan of life....God bless.....a 10 +

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dr veenaa rai 27 July 2009

what a determination to reach the skies, , , u will touch it....good work 10

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Tonia Nkeangnyi 10 August 2009

amazing poem. that's the best spirit to have when the going gets tough

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Isaac Maliya 08 August 2009

Nice inspiring poem! Time to take a decision and be happy!

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Silent Speaker 02 August 2009

LOVE LOVE LOVE a wonderful poem -Erika

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Sherrie Tappenden 01 August 2009

a really uplifting poem. the first verse especially fills one with the joy of stretching, reaching. using feet, wings and heart to catch your dream.

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Merna Ibrahim 30 July 2009

A strong determination and will......well written...10. Merna

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