God's Phone Call Poem by sania harris

God's Phone Call

Rating: 4.8

Today as I got out of my house
My phone rang inside
I decided not to pick it up
‘cos then I would be late for work

I tried to walk away
As the phone rang inside
Then I thought “why fray? ”
I entered inside and sighed!

I picked up the phone at last
And anger rousing my cheek
I came all this way fast
And no one did even squeak!

I threw the phone down
I was two minutes late
I got out with a frown
I hope I reach office by eight

I reached very late
But good I did
I am very great
To that anonymous phone call

The office was in fire
And everyone said I was lucky
Everywhere was haywire
And I would have died too

Only for that phone call
I am grateful more than words
Thank you god for calling me
For Calling at the right time

OCTOBER 22,2008

Rajaram Ramachandran 04 November 2008

I like this poem very much for its content and nice presentation.

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Miriam Maia Padua 01 November 2008

wow...a miracle story written in poetry....God loves you sania and He is happy on what you wrote...God do miracles in different way...although we cant see Him but he is always with us...guiding us......Keep writing...my big 10 for you....

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Sathyanarayana M V S 26 October 2008

I don't think this is just a story somewhere happend. Such miracles do happen.But what is more appreciable is the way you wrote it. I always thought it is difficult to write a story in poetic form. Some time back I wrote THAT RAINY DAY. I struggled for days to give it a shape. I wonder, are u really 14 years old? ? ? ! ! ! ! Kid! U are a prodigy! U don't know how good u.are.YOU ARE A MAGIC KID..........10++++++++++++++++

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Billy Joe Collins 22 October 2008

nice story well writen

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