Going Out To The Garden Poem by Alice Walker

Going Out To The Garden

Rating: 3.7

Going out to the garden
this morning
to plant seeds
for my winter greens
-the strong, fiery mustard
& the milder
broadleaf turnip-
I saw a gecko
like the rest of us
has been
from the heat.

Geckos like heat
I know this
but the heat
these last few days
has been excessive
for us
& for them.

A spray of water
from the hose
touched its skin:
I thought it would
run away.
There are crevices
to hide in:
the garden wall
is made of stones.

But no
not only
did the gecko
not run away
it appeared
to raise
its eyes
& head
looking for more.

I gave it.

Squirt after
of cooling
from the green
garden hose.

Is it the end
of the world?
It seemed to ask.
This bliss,
is it Paradise?

I bathed it
until we were both
washed clean
of the troubles
of this world
at least for this moment:
this moment of pleasure
of gecko
as I with so much happiness
played Goddess
to Gecko.

Martin O'Neill 16 March 2012

This is just delightful. I could feel the gecko's pleasure from here and yours in return. A wonderful moment captured perfectly.

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Sreelekha Premjit 21 March 2012

such a beautiful poem, truly an evidence to your beautiful mind.

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Manonton Dalan 25 January 2016

there are times that it's really hot in the south but now it's on lower 30 degrees

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John Richter 01 May 2015

Alice Walker, I think that I may very well be falling in love with you.... How beautiful your vision is......

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Adrian Flett 17 November 2018

Gecko joy and the god-like water bearer.

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Dr Antony Theodore 13 February 2019

it appeared to raise its eyes & head looking for more... i gave it.... bathed it, i played the Goddess. a fine poem. giving happiness and comfort to others. tony

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T Rajan Evol 17 November 2018

Fantastic poem. Nice work.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 November 2018

Loveliest poem I ever read from your hand, Alice. CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen as Modern Poem Of The Day, you most deserved. A 10 for the full Vote and myriads more This is such a sweetest entertaining poem I so admired. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Anil Kumar Panda 17 November 2018

Very nice poem. Cool spray of water is soothing to all during summer. Enjoyed the poem thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 17 November 2018

A.wonderful poem that conveys kindness. Beautifully crafted.

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