Good Bye, Sofie Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

Good Bye, Sofie

Rating: 5.0

A life fulfilled at last,
adventure in her veins
she left behind a past
a Fatherland's own chains.

And made a life, renewed
well filled with strength and love
a mother, kind and shrewd,
with guidance from above.

A man can hope to be
to all a friend indeed,
a mother makes you tea
to ease your time of need.

And mothers have a gift
to hold the coldest hand
and call you, when adrift
while making no demand.

Forgiveness is a word
that needs no scrutiny
her children's voices heard
be happy and be free.

She's walked a road of changes
yet knew to lift her foot
across dividing ranges
that fate itself had put.

One day her feet grew tired
she thought it would be best
and, one last time inspired,
she chose the final rest.

Marvin Brato 22 May 2008

Best tribute to mothers who have done their part! A 10.

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Andrew Blakemore 22 May 2008

This is a most beautiful and deeply touching poem Herbert. A fitting and lasting tribute. Best wishes, Andrew

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Tailor Bell 22 May 2008

an inspiring and comforting tribute, Herbert, and very moving gesture for your friend and his mother. great read. -Tailor

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Susan Jarvis 22 May 2008

'to hold the coldest hand/and call you, when adrift' - this is definitely a 'mother's gift' - beautifully put. The eloquence and heartfelt emotion of this poem make its message tangible. An admirable poem. Susan :)

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H, this is a beautifully moving, real from-the-heart tribute. Read at a wake this would have all in tears, for all the right reasons. t x

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Emancipation Planz 22 May 2008

...Forgiveness is a word that needs no scrutiny... tributaries flow from this peace alone... aroha

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