Greed...Of Death Poem by James B. Earley

Greed...Of Death

Rating: 5.0 exist
Through sake of chance
......Some odd result
Of happenstance

Or is...what is
...Supposed to be...
Ordained precise
......By destiny
Must then...we live
..To...simply die
From greed of death
..For want...of why

Ernestine Northover 08 April 2009

Life is full of 'why's' James. why this, why that, why should one, why don't we, why is there etc., We have questions repeating themselves right through our lives and we pretty well never get the answers on the really difficult ones. I like the way you have presented this 'question' short but very much to the point. Excellent thinking. love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Myrtle Thomas 07 April 2009

James this is very inspiring and deep thought provoking.I never would have thought of greed in death.Much enjoyed.A great poem, thanks for sharing.a 10

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Sally Plumb 07 April 2009

You've given me something to think about.That must be good.

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Carl Harris 06 April 2009

This is a fascinating and quite thought provoking poem, James. In our lives, there are many questions that go unanswered or are unanswerable. For example, who really shot JFK? Is there life beyond our wee solar system? Will the Cubs ever win a world series? Your fine poem, though brief, certainly gets the reader to thinking and is very well written as well. Carl.

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Sonya Florentino 06 April 2009

something we may never know the answer to... but be it one or the other we can only do the best we can....

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Ron Flowers 14 May 2009

I love your use of rhyme here, James. Yhe poem was a pleasure to read and quit thought provoking. Ron

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Royal Princess 24 April 2009

It was so nice, I read it thrice...thought provoking. I like.10 from me.

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C. P. Sharma 19 April 2009

This life is not a blindfold chance, It's the fulfilment Of our imbalanced glance. It's not a jouney Of birth, death and rebirth, It is for equipoise with Perpetual bliss and mirth. The stream of life Never dries up, It changes its course Tastes new mix-up. It settles in the eternal ocean At its depth without commotion. CP

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Susan Bagley 09 April 2009

Philosophy in just a few lines better said than many a tome on same topic. Well done my friend. Regards, Susan

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Rosalita Fernandez 08 April 2009

very different way of writting it but i like it, very unique, well written, well done

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