Grey Windows Poem by Ivy Christou

Grey Windows

Rating: 5.0

In our small apartment the single kitchen window
was facing the sea; it was our blue ribbon
in the middle of a grey frame.
It was our footprints in the unsinkable gravel road.

My grandmother and I used to spend hours in the kitchen..
When my chained glance was wondering
it was looking for peace inside the endlessness of the sea
while the silence was different then,
it was welcome to sit with us and oscillate with the waves.
Silence used to bring peace wrapped
in the pure beauty of colourful water.

One day someone drowned our view
with the grey paint of a new building,
and my grandmother became too old and
I grew up surrounded with lifeless windows.

I still miss the morning welcome of the sea.

Sandra Fowler 30 April 2006

What a beautiful elegy to those mornings when the sea sang poems to you and your grandmother. Only an excellent wordsmith such as yourself could have created such a memorable word painting. Kind regards, Sandra

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Duncan Wyllie 01 May 2006

A very touching and well crafted piece from you Ivy, thankyou for this, Love Duncan

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Georgios Venetopoulos 22 January 2013

Hi Ivy! I passed by to read your poem again. Have a good day wherever you are.

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Georgios Venetopoulos 20 January 2013

Excellent poem. (It was our footprints in the unsinkable gravel road.) How can we bring you back?

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Will Barber 07 May 2006

The loss is so sad, the past fading... I really liked this poem. It makes me feel I miss the sea, grandmother, childhood... and is elegaic, elegant. Beautiful job, Ivy. So tied to place and time.

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Uriah Hamilton 01 May 2006

Just a beautiful poem, perhaps I could crawl into this poem and walk with you and your grandmother in the sunlight! !

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Seán O' Muiriosa 01 May 2006

This deserves a 10 if ever I saw one. I think the movement and developments over time you write about, from peace to gloom, is heartbreaking in many ways. But wonderfully written, my friend, I can almost see that beautiful the sea from here, hope you still do too. : -) All the best, Seán

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