. ≫ I Miss That Rose Poem by Eyan Desir

. ≫ I Miss That Rose

Rating: 3.3

The beauty in a rose
Breathe joy in many lives
When it is gone
Bitterness of it's love
Keeps kicking my chest
Emptiness fills my head

My mouth waters
My soul hungers
My heart suffers
My skin shivers
I miss that rose

The moments we shared
The laughter it brought
The days of comfort
I miss that rose
The way it sweeten my life

22th May 2009
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Ravi A 02 June 2009

Anice poem. The first few lines really elevate the poem.

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Kealeboga Gaolehelwe 02 June 2009

great poem really atleast it didnt concern to much rythming which to me is kind of irrating and senseless so job well done, i will keep on reading some of your materials

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Well written Keep it up 10++

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Serenity Prayer 02 June 2009

great job. i like it. very sweet, but sad at the same time.

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Free Bird 02 June 2009

Not bad well written keep up the good work

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Desiree Burdick 27 March 2010

such a beautiful poem

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Jean Dament 16 January 2010

A heartfelt, sweet poem about love & loss. Well done. in the last line you have 'sweeten'-it should be 'sweetened' ok Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Spiritsong

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Lady Grace 28 June 2009

this rose is a lucky one..very beautiful friend..grace

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Sherif Monem 15 June 2009

Very beautiful poem.

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sky dreams 10 June 2009

a rose is a great symbol to use for a lost love.. i really enjoyed reading this

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