Had Ocean Been My Confidant Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Had Ocean Been My Confidant

Rating: 3.7

Had ocean been my confidant
I'd have given it
All of my truths for safekeeping

Tales i would have written
Of seashells picking girls on beaches
Whose golden bodies were
Like isles of dreamland
But whose fates were
Like lines drawn in sand.

Had ocean been my confidant
I'd have given it
All my loneliness
I'd have walked with the wind
Clasping its finger in my fist
On distant paths
From whence no one comes back!

Had ocean been my confidant
I'd have given it all my depths
Stepping into its limitless
Blue bosom
I'd have made earth into my bark
Sky into my sails
I'd have made the woeful moment
Of separation
A connecting link between you and me.

Had ocean been my confidant!

(Translated from the original Urdu by Satyapal Anand)

Thursday, October 30, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: girls,loneliness,ocean,ocean waves,sadness,seahorse,sorrows,voyage
Sandra Fowler 11 November 2008

The plaintive refrain that echoes through these elegiac lines is very effective. One feels your love and longing for what once was, but may never quite be again. That longing is with the true singer forever. Warm regards, Sandra

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Tsira Goge 21 November 2008

The beauty always frightens many and causes to mistrust... Do not think of danger... The god will be with you.10ю Kindest regards, Tsira

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Whitney Nicole Albright* 16 December 2008

Wow. This is amazing.

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Catrina Heart 11 February 2009

A fantastic translation...with great message to convey...10+++

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Janet K. Rauch 22 April 2009

This flows like a beautiful love letter... and like the ocean, its meaning keeps going deeper and deeper, so many possibilities for each reader to interpret the soul stirrings expressed here. Thanks for sharing your gift. Peace, Janet

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veronique buea pre 28 July 2010

i love this poem marvlous

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Yelena M. 17 July 2010

Had ocean been the humanity's confidant....We would all know peace on Earth, for sure :) And had time been my confidant, I would learn Urdu to read your poems in the original, Naseer. With best wishes, Yelena.

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Fasika Ayalew 11 December 2009

Melodic and music like poem. Interesting to read

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Lillian Thomas 01 September 2009

this is so beautiful, very good imagery. It literally sings in English, I can't imagine how beautiful it must be in Urdu. Thank you or sharing this poem. And kudos to your translator.

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Onelia Avelar 08 August 2009

Beautiful pacifying poem...

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