Have A Nice Day... Poem by Sandra Feldman

Have A Nice Day...

Rating: 5.0

In the USA, today,
Every day a grand new Win!
Nothing really is a sin,
That's the democratic, Way
As the Sun,
Just looks away...

Have a nice day,
Y'all, Please,
And some,
Southern Comfort
Cannot, truly, really say
Thems in power
Ain't, Just, lookin' out for you

Sylvia Frances Chan 25 January 2022

Amazing aptly worded about own country, dashing sound, brilliantly presented 5 Stars full dear Sandra

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Soran M. H 25 January 2022

She writes her poems on different topics, always about her own experiences, the world, the people, the country, and love, nature...etc in a sophisticated poetic style. deserves 5 stars.

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 27 January 2022

Nothing is sin- now the sign of master fiend!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 26 January 2022

A heartwarming poem from someone who really cares humanity. Thank you, Sandra, for this thoughtful poem. Liked the tinge of incisiveness embedded in this wonderful write.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 26 January 2022

There are times that leaders never really care to see the living condtion of their constituents. They are focused on how to perpetuate their power.

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Nabakishore Dash 26 January 2022

Good write with elegant style.

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David Wood 25 January 2022

I love the last Stanza… Thems in power. Brilliant! Thems in power over here are being investigated over partygate

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