God's Plan Poem by Amy

God's Plan

Rating: 2.7

God has a complicated plan
Of which I am his one true fan
He thought it over, through and through
And decided I should be with you

He chose the place we’d meet and such
Planned the moment that our lips would touch
Bought out the stars on the summers night
Made us hold each other tight

But then there’s the argument of free will
That confuses many still
So I guess he didn’t have it all planned
But still we walked out hand in hand

Dr Hitesh Sheth 14 March 2009

Fate and free will walks with same space as you walk with your friend........... Good Write......

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Linda Moore 26 December 2008

I like it very much, it is already known, but its up to us the choices we make. He wants us to grow and wants us to depend on him....10 very nice writing

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Bassam Harby 25 November 2008

I agree with Sandra

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Sandra J. 20 November 2008

well i like it, but he did have it all planned, and he gave us free will, but he already knew what our choice would be :) beautiful rhyming and cute idea.

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