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Her Shopping Expedition

Rating: 3.4

She picked up the bags which contained all her shopping,
Trying to carry them along without dropping
The contents. Hoping the handles wouldn't give way,
Spreading her purchases around on display.

She managed as far as the bus rendezvous,
Then one handle snapped and then it was two,
And over the ground rolled, jars, tins and fruit,
Clattering noisily, as they travelled en route.

How embarrassing this sort of happening can be,
All you have bought, there, for the public to see,
And no one offering to help you collect,
Your shopping. She felt such an despondent reject.

Then out of the blue, a gallant young Bart,
Offered her his help, his hand, and his heart!

© Ernestine Northover

Chuck Audette 28 February 2006

I really liked this poem. The struggle and humor are perfect. If that happens to me, the first jar smashes on my foot and the second shatters on cement. -chuck

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Scarlett Treat 25 February 2006

How lucky for her to find such a Gent. Most guys roll their eyes and exclaim, 'WHATEVER! ' Lucky, lucky you for seeing the funy side of this situation. Scarlett

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Gina Onyemaechi 25 February 2006

Yes, a good piece of comedy and what a happy, romantic finish! ! Warm regards, Gina.

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Linda Preston 25 February 2006

Nice lighthearted verse.

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Andrew Blakemore 29 April 2008

There's always one willing to help. Lovely poem. Love, Andrew x

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Penny Hemans 12 November 2007

like the lady up here in Stonehaven, who lost her most sentimental bracelet, retraced her steps, and found it where it had dropped: -)) a poem of human responses, caring about you, and helping you back on your feet so to speak! thanks for this Ernestine! Love Penny xxx

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Duncan Wyllie 01 April 2006

He picked her up in ways that the onlooker could not have imagined.A wonderful display of words.Love Duncan

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Ray Andrews 04 March 2006

I love good poems concerning everyday occurences such as shopping, the bus, etc. Since Ernestine is my age, I'm of course encouraged by the lad who captured her heart. I'll keep my eyes open for ladies offering their hearts -which will have to be kept hush hush because of my lovely wife. It's the fantasy tho! Very nice poem! Best Regards-Ray

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Daniel Tyler 02 March 2006

What a lovely tale Ernestine. There is hope for us yet, if there are more gentlemen about. Equally, the frustrations of consumer life are well described.

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