Her Way Poem by Rose Marie Juan-austin

Her Way

Rating: 5.0

The way of a mockingbird
Is a beautiful song.
The way of a cat
Is a loud whining and howling.
The way of a rooster
Is its crow.

The mane in a lion
Captures the eyes of a lioness.
The fragrance of a flower
Is an assault on the senses.
The lovely sway
Of a woman's arms and hips,
Catches the eyes of a man.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: attraction
Bernard F. Asuncion 18 October 2017

Wooowww.... Such a lovely poem, Rose.....a full 10++++

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 19 October 2017

Thank you so much, Bernard for taking time to read my poem. Your nice comments uplift the mind to articulate more.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 04 March 2018

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant expression! You have very passionately expressed theme in a very alluring way! My favorite lines: The mane in a lion/Captures the eyes of a lioness/.The fragrance of a flower/Is an assault on the senses...A fascinating piece of work Rose! I vote this poem with a 10

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Thank you, Dr. Dillip for this wonderful comment.

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Chris Embrick 04 January 2018

I try to always remember that the most beautiful things are found inside a person but even and old man can be enticed to look. However, I think I look for the eyes and a smile first. A delightful poem. Thank you.

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Anjandev Roy 04 November 2020

Brilliant observation.........thank u, dear poetess........anjandev roy.

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Kesav Easwaran 17 February 2020

Very well said. The attraction depends on the effects on the sense organs. Mind is the deciding factor. Everything in Nature is unique, attractive in its own way. An imaginative write. Excellent thinking power behind its creation.10+

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Queeny Gona 10 January 2020

Analogy drawn in the read and the sway of lady that catches the eyes of man is explicit!

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Anjandev Roy 29 July 2019

Very well expressed. Thank u. anjandev roy.

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Luo Zhihai 16 July 2019

Animals should be human friends. Thank you for your poem!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin

Rose Marie Juan-austin

Laoag City, Philippines
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