Heres The Facts Poem by krissi b'williams

Heres The Facts

Rating: 5.0

do you know how much i love you
do you know how much i care
dont you know how much i adore you n that i will always be there
your my prince in shining armor, your my dream come true
no man can equal up, nor take the place of you
here are the facts, in print
just so you can read
that even if my line was full
you'd be my only fish in the sea

I could never ever hurt you
nor cause you any pain
i dont want to see no tears, only your smile again n again
do you know that your my sunshine, no cloud is ever near
especially when you hold me in your arms,
and whisper sweet words in my ears

so heres the facts
just so you will always know
I will love you 4ever, n ever
AND MY HEART will follows yours where ever it may go

Something Special 14 August 2009

this is another 1 you publised in w.o.t.w right?

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James Mclain 26 June 2009

it is more than ok..i will take it into me and sleep it..ok woman....iip

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Eyan Desir 25 June 2009

Very nice I should send this to my ex mayb she will take me back haha good write... top marks

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