! Himalaya Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! Himalaya

Rating: 2.9

Be there as the highest peak
Not essentially to differ
Not eventually to conjure
Be there as a genuine will
Not necessarily to demand
Mirage a gift from horizon
Too long to sustain
Pathways ice beds
Heralded with winter wings
On rocky supreme
Powerful the wind
Erratic the mood
Minds set apart assert
Stay there courageously
As a shelter for many
To guard from wild elements,
Enemies from other frontiers
Capture contradict fusions
Bestow spring geysers
Mesmerize elegant glaciers
Exchange benevolence of
Adventurous yester years
Revive mystical river Saraswathi
Reform minds of refugees
Calm the captured endeavors
Revitalize the immortal
Be there eternal
Strong as the way
Loyal as the way
Be there with time
Be there as mother lands
Enduring sentinel……

Abha Sharma 26 April 2008

yes let us join hands to erect this peak as high as possible where all the beauties visible to its ultimate form... very well composed, and thought rendering....liked reading it...

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Anilkumar A K 04 May 2008

Very nice poem. Enjoyed it very much. Take a look at Athul and Akhil who are young poets. But their poems are super.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 14 September 2008

Very interesting long poem. Nice.

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Indira Renganathan 17 August 2008

Very interesting write.High like Himalaya.Thank you

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Raj Nandy 05 July 2008

Good writing Reema! I had also written a poem long time back with the same title, which you may like to read. -Raj Nandy

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Onelia Avelar 05 July 2008

I noticed, that often every line of your poems brings its own message, every line starts like a sentence and with capital letter. The poem is rich of meaning and shows the beauty of the unique mountain in many different aspects...

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Tsira Goge 15 June 2008

I am inspired, It is fine, I have felt smell The Himalaya...... 10.. Best wishes, Tsira

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