! E L U S I V E! Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! E L U S I V E!

Rating: 3.4

Plain white sheets I write on.....
one emotionless day stand still in front
its calm cold layers
freeze my fingers,
incarcerate mind’s fervor..
near I hear foot prints on sand
rain drops drizzle...
I hear.... tears from my eyes or
from the clouds above...
on grass I walk and I feel
so earthy, wisteria climbs and
drapes purple flowers on my dreams,
a sparrow so tiny finds a nest
on my bemused alphabets
wind blows slowly so softly and
whispers a secret, a fear
of a secret of a dream I dreamt
I take autumn colors
as its aroma is earth
and it is my color, a survivor
of my amber dreams
rest all shriveled as black, reflecting
life’s emptiness on the edge of a cliff
moving crowd....
as they move forward
no care, no feelings, no love
but flaunts a pale greed....
they move forward, in a hurry
in search of elusive self...

Mamta Agarwal 07 July 2008

pain, grief, isolation, emptiness- Rema you have painted very vivid images with your words. i couldn; t agree more

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Emancipation Planz 07 July 2008

Elusive... now let me see.. is that anything close to enigmatic? ? ? ? ? You have not surpressed much in this one... tis a good Right on the sheets you've written ... aroha

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Dr.subhendu Kar 07 July 2008

tears from the eyes the dappled flowers of dream the very secret of fear and the passing crowd these are all wonders of imagery flow across the plexus of life and living, yet ingenious resolving to a rune by the superb metaphores, wonderfully wrought over the white plain, the very voices over the black board in time and space, well penned,10+, thanks for sharing

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Sadiqullah Khan 10 July 2008

i felt myself to be with you here, , the lines reflect nature and inner enigma with ellusive words, , , the emptiness in the end, , i like it...

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Original Unknown Girl 10 July 2008

Beautiful, lyrical picture painted with much introspection and emotion. Loved it. HG: -) xx

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David Desantis 26 September 2008

this poem has so many different images...in the first few verses i thought rain, and a white house/sheets....then sun, grass, darkness again...fall/winter and summer....very beautiful...you are an excellent poet 10/10

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Existential Despair 23 September 2008

A beautiful poem with a world of emotion...nice

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 07 August 2008

Hello Rema, You touched my heart with this beautiful poem, I have been in this place a thousand times. 10! from me... Dorothy A Poet Who Loves to Sing

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Indira Renganathan 06 August 2008

Great poem, great poet..my ten claps

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Ershad Mazumder 05 August 2008

I say, It is really a poem. But I compose on water sheet with a miracle pen.Waves erase it every seconds. Rema its a great job.

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