! ## Mute Hunger Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ## Mute Hunger

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An ache perforates veins deep
Blood cold as moods of night
tears fall on food I eat
tears fall on food withered
Filled platters, piled up trash bins
Plastic flash cards' redeemed poise
Classy high end festive foyers
Dim lit reckless long end revelry
Minds relaxed on refined comforts
jaded dried leaves spread apart
life shriveled, cry for food
hear my heart from unknown souls
bracing measures count on scales
reversed ravage Friday flings
cried my mind on third world famine
poor souls' handcuffed hunger
Mute, deaf, dumb hunger
Strange unknown silent anguish....
Genuine thud on unarmed door steps
Benign heart you listen please....
Don’t, don’t waste fuel of life

Dear reader friends,

All over the world humans throw food to trash boxes, listen the cries of hunger, please don’t waste food, it is precious... Millions are dying in the third world of hunger.

A fresh estimate from the ministry of food processing says a whopping Rs 58,000 crore (Rs 580 billion) worth of agriculture food items get wasted in India every year resulting artificial demand, price hike and food shortage. People below poverty line are the sufferers.
Private consulting firm Rabo India Finance has prepared the food wastage report and presented it to the ministry.Quoting from the report, Minister of State for Food Processing told the Parliament that the fact that such a huge quantity of food items goes as waste in the country is an eye-opener.

Kesav Easwaran 10 June 2008

it is all related to supply and demand...surplus and shortage. the 'short' and 'in excess' ends may not be on spot; may be distance apart not easy to link but still wasting food- rich life fuel as rema says- is definitely an unpardonable crime. every one in society should listen to this call

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~ Jon London ~ 10 June 2008

Wow! ! ! ! .......this one punches the message out, and I couldn't agree with you more..Many are turning a blind eye to what goes on around them...until it happens to them it doesn't effect them....by reading this...it should. Perfectly penned piece that contains truth and understanding..which brings hope to so many less fortunate in this world. Thanks for sharing and pointing it out to us all Rema....keep expressing your soul my friend.......*10++ Best wishes Jon

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Seema Chowdhury 10 June 2008

Rema, please accept my congratulations for selecting this beautiful topic. i really appreciate that you write about these things. it is very important that we all discuss these things over and over again and let people realize what they are doing wrong. well done. it surely deserves a 10.

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Satheesan Rangorath 11 June 2008

HI Rema Prasanna A timely topic, very relevant to our present situation.I think we have to have a deep thought about our extravagance inm wasting very thing we have.Good poem with a punch. thnaks for sharing Greetings Satheesan rangorath.

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Greenwolfe 1962 11 June 2008

This is something that those of us in the west are familiar with. We have been aware of this for some time and we actually do have some voluntary programs to this effect. It is no where near enough. As for your poem. I would rather your poem be a bit more clear in its wording. A poem with a purpose like this one, can't afford to be misunderstood. GW62

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Chitra - 20 July 2008

an eyeopener, definitely will move us into action

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Sathyanarayana M V S 20 July 2008

Great poem for great cause! Reminded my poems(to some extent) MY MOMENTS & MY SWEAT. sathya narayana

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Abha Sharma 20 June 2008

Wastage of food is against all moralities, religion also condemn if we disrespect food, Good you have taken up this cause to invoke awareness, I hope this reaches far and wide and the poor souls handcuffed with hunger are relieved… Abha

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Dr.subhendu Kar 14 June 2008

life shriveled, cry for food hear my heart from unknown souls................ yet the hunger fledges the fire soul yet at criss-cross redoubts the grave tears gleans ruefully across the living still rags the life reeking the rage in the belley................wonderful poetry with the metaphors that flows terribly piecing the rich valley, yet ingenious unnerves the heart, peace flecks away abruft when inflicted upon, great write, i do admire as when humanistic appellation, ++, thanks for sharing

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premji premji 13 June 2008

hunger, that's the largest religion on earth! read my poem world's largest religion

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