! Cosmic Conflicts! ! ! Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! Cosmic Conflicts! ! !

Rating: 3.1

From Ice Age glaciers to
Big Bang manifestations
Science of matter, relativity and
Quantum Mechanics on a
mission to capture the whole lot
of concealed mysteries of life,
excavating precise matter and
fastidious orbital planets of cosmic
universe on a hypothetical configuration

Life meanwhile breathes for its phase
like black hole of cosmic facade
predictably fall down and wither...
several propositions attuned to
understand correlation of life
and cosmic globular creations,
where science of matter plows to
attain a factual measure to carry on

Space journeys and satellites
besieged to traverse on a
resolute truth hiding in a categorical
place on which quantum mechanics
diversifies its curiosity to presage and
reel out its ramification on life in specific..
Einstein, Hawkins or God play dice with
cosmos in universe or toss them away....
Universe and its convolutions
a tangled mystery rolling on
millions of unanswered conundrums.....

Kesav Easwaran 23 June 2008

modern science is only a re-learning of what have been previously learnt and laid hidden...you say 'dis'cover...the cover removed off...'in'vention...going into the vent and revealing...all new theories are cyclic repeated learning on cosmic truth... a good poem presenting good insight...

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~ Jon London ~ 24 June 2008

Rema my amazing poetess friend, you've done it again.....with each new piece comes a new side to your outstanding talent....You never fail to amaze Keep expressing........Totally Cosmic 10++ best wishes Jon.

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 27 June 2008

Good imagery of modern life..............

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rohit sapra 01 July 2008

World is full of conflicts and one of such conflict is of the outer space or so to say the world unknown which the scientists claim to have known which is really a doubt in my mind at least as everyone seems to have several definitions for one thing which also isn't exact to be and now Aliens are too thought to be residing among us. So what to believe and what not is really a conflict. This poem of yours is really well written and the topic you chose is interesting.

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premji premji 02 July 2008

funny, all these cosmic conflicts are just to explore emptyness, where everything exists! well written rema

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Ranjit Ravindran 17 October 2009

In my school days I used to marvel at the bright and vivid pictures of the distant nebulae, constellations and other celestial bodies. Today I realize that most of those images are false coloured ones, approximated realities to demystify the cosmos! Nice description of human scientific endeavour and the challenge it faces.

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Indira Renganathan 19 August 2008

True..cosmic mystery is veiled eternally.exceptionally good

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Sarwar Chowdhury 03 August 2008

....a thoughtful expression indeed....10+ ..there are vast 'dark matter' in the space too, telescope or radio antena can not detect what is inside there...

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Ivor Hogg 02 August 2008

we do not need to know themechanics of the universe to know that it exists and is seemingly directed by an intelligence far superior to our owm But the monkey mind of man ever curious has to make the attempt to understand

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Chitra - 19 July 2008

very well written, the conflict of a world unknown is so very well depicted, fine phrases

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