Rema Prasanaa Poems

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! Earth Safe

Death paints darkness at noon
Earth not feared of death
Death paints darkness at noon
Sun shines sky so bright

! Monsoon! !

Rain on my dreams, Monsoon
black clouds...
rain on my ornamental feathers
shower on my pure earth

! Cosmic Conflicts! ! !

From Ice Age glaciers to
Big Bang manifestations
Science of matter, relativity and
Quantum Mechanics on a

! E L U S I V E!

Plain white sheets I write on.....
one emotionless day stand still in front
its calm cold layers
freeze my fingers,

! Soldier Vs Terrorists!

Soldiers fight straight wars
near the boundaries of mother
nation and safeguard humanity
and at the end die like a martyr...

! ## Mute Hunger

An ache perforates veins deep
Blood cold as moods of night
tears fall on food I eat
tears fall on food withered

! God! Take Me In Your Hands

I came to your abode God,
my glockenspiel loud to wake you up
my mind in manacle, realized
not your gentle demeanors

! ! I Am At Peace! ! ! !

I walk along the shore
a faint whisper
I hear from ocean
waves calm after a

! Gandhi - Experiment With Truth

Boiling sea water, lumps of salt
salt of freedom,
flavor of decades

! ! Nostalgic Old Tales! ! !

When I grow on my wise perception of prime age
An old age home, I do not crave for definite
I allow you children, to take away my belongings and
to honour the love and feelings shared along

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