Search For Freedom Poem by Tareq Jalabi

Search For Freedom

Rating: 5.0

i feel so happy
being by your side
whenever near you
my smile i couldn`t hide
swimming away from you
i many times tried
but always to you
pulls me the tide
once the whole ocean
i completely dried
it didn`t work
coz to you i was tied
another on awave
i took a ride
thinking somewhere else
it will me guide
but drove me to you
with a gentle slide
i was shocked
and my mouth open wide
i kept holding on
till some glide
took me away
and i accordingly died

Heather Owens 20 September 2009

Loved the beat, like a heart. Fits perfectly with the words!

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Maya Hershey 17 September 2009

This Poem... Is Extraordinary! I Loved It! ! .. So Amazing! .. Touching! ... The Feelings are Moving.. Wonderful 10+! Maya.

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Rehab Helmy 16 September 2009

a very good one. I liked every line and description you draw. keep it up.

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Ashley Fortin 16 September 2009

Nice poem, It's really a deeply described poem, and it does tell the reader what you feel without treding too deep. Wonderful poem! C.C.M

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Sameera Sameer 16 September 2009

beautiful, wonderful, amazing, touching, fantastic, &&&&..............

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Medusa Waves 12 October 2009

its was so beautiful :) i really liked it-i hope you get to make more as you grow and flourish Regards, Afrodita

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Jo E 08 October 2009

I like it! :) Keep it up! Your good.. :) Sorry it took me a while, havent been on for a long time.. :)

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Kathleen Hintz 24 September 2009

i really liked this poem but a lil type for you is not to try so hard to make everything flow because then it doesnt sound as good if you just write how you feel and what you want then rough draft it make little changes then you will have something grande..

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Catrina Heart 23 September 2009

Destiny's game our fate lies......lovely vivid piece with fine rhymes........10

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Roxy Gonro 21 September 2009

It really shows how destiny finds a way. i love it

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