I Am # 02

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No; I am none,
not a love,
not lover or beloved I am
not an anger in separation,
not a conceited,
but a slight feeling within belief.
I am within me,
every word of me
every work, every nature,
every movement of the universe,
recluse breathing through the air.

O yes; I am
from the gushing liquid;
which is emitted from spine and rib,
unholy a drop of water,
water of the love,
love of two souls within loving coition.
From the clot I am
hatched for ten months ten days
the prince of womb.

I am
crying of smiling; smiling of crying,
care of mother or father,
growing child in the yard of neighbor
as an angel or devil,
and I am entangled war of myself
from birth of civilization of the capitalist!

- January,2018 Chittagong, Bangladesh

Monday, January 15, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: everything,self,nothing
Khairul Ahsan 14 May 2018

Nothingness is all pervasive; we are in it.

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mahtab bangalee 14 May 2018

Dear Poet Khairul thanks for reading this poem and maxim comment

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 26 June 2018

A powerful write that goes to the core of being human. A thought provoking poem. Beautifully crafted.10

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Britte Ninad 08 August 2018

this writing is on strongly discovering of self truly powerful writing

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Edward Kofi Louis 16 August 2018

From the clot i am! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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and I am entangled war of myself from birth of civilization of the capitalist! . Simply superb...10

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Harindhar Reddy 05 May 2020

A nice thought provoking poem. Yes it seems you brought whole nature in you. Stellar expression of words. A many made of multitude things of which brought some of them to the surface dear Mahtab Bangalee! 💯/💯👌👌

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Jolly Bill 23 September 2018

Fantastic expression of yourself- its actually by all you expressed yourself

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Ink of Sin 23 September 2018

Yes You're like me absolute ink of SIN

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GoG SHoP 23 September 2018

no, no, no, I'm none, I'm nothing now, I'm right drunkard!

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