*i Can Hear...* Poem by Magic What'sHerName

*i Can Hear...*

Rating: 2.6

I can hear the water moving beneath me
I can hear the rush of the waves as they try to eat me
I can hear the wind as it blows around my face
I can hear the dogs barking in a shadowy place
I can hear my mother calling from behind the shore
I can hear my father screaming as he slams the door
I can hear death calling my name
I can hear the devil say he's so happy I came
I can hear the sound of my best friends voice
I can hear God say it is all my choice
I can hear the sadness as it leaks through
I can hear someone whisper I love you
I can hear my name being called a billion times
I can hear the sound of water moving as someone drops dimes
I can hear the sound of footsteps as I move forward
I can hear the sound of my breathing as I moved onward
I can hear the sound of my screaming as I fall to the ground
I can hear everyone that gathered around
I can hear as they all start to cry
I can hear my breathing stop as I start to die!

Deborah Cromer 09 July 2009

Yes, but all of your senses are so alive! You are so very much a part of life and can write about it so well. You are the breath and the mind that lives through your heart. You speak very strong, only through your strength. You are very talented with a big heart. Keep writing. Deborah Cromer

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