I Chant, Chant And Chant Poem by Sathya Narayana

I Chant, Chant And Chant

Rating: 4.9

Dear God! Do you hear those prayers?
Millions calling you to take new Avatar
Let me recall; what you did aver
Whenever sins sour up and virtues downturn
That you would don human form

As Rama you killed Ravana; but when?
Eons after that demon's domain
As Krishna you destroyed wicked kings
Yet the good ones for years forteen
Had to run ruin and remain forlorn

As Jesus Christ you bled and as Buddha
Said non-violence is always good
Since then how many centuries passed
Showed up not You, Your splendour
Hindering what Your comeback; humans wonder

Let us take stock and be frank my God
Do you possess the same command you had
On that unknown date you dawned
I don't think old age made you blind
And rendered your muscles sagged

I hope you are not playing traunt
Hiding behind black hole or milky tract
Fearing Satan's dominance and daunt
Fear not my God! I am here to support
For I know your holiest secret that
Thy name is stronger than You the Holy Ghost
I chant, chant and chant to accentuate
Your waning powers into invincible might
You regain Your reign; and in gay abandon
Re-create a new haven on this planet

I Chant, Chant And Chant
Thursday, August 7, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: buddha,demons,human,jesus,kingdom,rama navami,sin,virtue
Ershad Mazumder 10 August 2008

Thanks Sathya. The theme is good. But it appeared to me as nmarration of history. Poetry is never a statement.

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Kesav Easwaran 11 August 2008

God appears only after the arrival of Satan...Then only we feel his appearance there...in contrast...Let the vices bloom to their totality...HE waits to remove them to no begin...Let Him come at His will...10/10

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Rajaram Ramachandran 12 August 2008

Your prayers will be answered soon by God, I am also praying for this.

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Indira Babbellapati 13 August 2008

hope u read 'conversations with god...'

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Mamta Agarwal 13 August 2008

like a true poet, here is your prayer to God, to come on earth and eradicate evil. good composition, good question. but we also need to do some soul searching. 10 Mamta

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Deepti Agarwal 10 November 2008

Its just like a whack on our souls... there is a need to b awake..let the truth awake in us.. n make this a beautiful place to live.. liked it very much..a strong one..

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Raj Nandy 28 October 2008

I had missed out this one! Your last three lines are really effective & concludes your poem very well! I feel that over the decades as we gradually became tech savy, there has been a gradual degradation in our values esp. in the moral & spiritual sphere! Yet for some 'chants' are more for show & for some to gain mental peace & solace! WE HAVE KILLED GOD INSIDE US! 10/10! -Raj Nandy

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Dr Kamran Haider 19 October 2008

Sathya Bhai, Now I can understand and interpret my own written poem 'Who Will Bell The Cat? ' in a much better way... You have expressed the tormented emotions and thirst for hope in a very honest way... Great minds have great sufferings, as the carry the burden of responsibility on their shoulders. You have a great mind, indeed... God bless you Kamran

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Bob Blackwell 12 October 2008

Sathya, I took this as a great out pouring of pain for the evil and anguish in the World. God, Krishna, Buddha, cannot help us until we are One, that means we have all changed and repented and have become truly One. There is no magic wand. Well written prayer for help. 10/10+ Bob

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Ashraful Musaddeq 27 September 2008

10 for this nice prayer. Love it.

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

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