Mother's Plaint Poem by Sathya Narayana

Mother's Plaint

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Smoke pipes are sprouting
Far and wide like iron saplings
Spiking through her tender flesh
Piles of brick cement and stone
Invading her entrails, en masse
Building edifices for fancy contraptions
Of obsessive human endeavor to eclipse
His holy creation with mundane contrivance

The gullible victim, poor Mother Earth
She whined and wailed in pain
Implored the eminent Unknown
What happened to thy covenants? My Lord!
That I shall bear thy seeds in my womb
Hatch them into herbs, shrubs and trees
Wear their greens as my attire
And adorn their flowers and fruits as embellishments
Let the Orioles and Nightingales to stage
Euphonious concerts on the radiating boughs
Allow pretty bunnies and sweet little squirrels
Trench and tickle my lush loam

Was this not what thou devised and yearned?
A wholesome world of content
That caters to every need of every living soul
Unto their want and arrant fulfillment
But….what are these wicked contortions?
Have you…..My God conspired with thine own image?
To destroy thine own comeliest oeuvre
To trough and trickle venomous straits
Straight into ever loving heart
When in distraught we all sought thy succor
But, when thou mulct us for no fault
Whom shalt we beseech for comfort?


Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 17 September 2008

Mother Earth is our Love given planet and we' re all free loading tenants. Whatever discourse is prayed upon it, killed and been thankful for it There be an urgent need to protect it from all of the above and whatever is so well expressed in your poem. Their inspires are to change human from the insanities of their evil ways. 'Words are, indeed, Mightier than the Sword' If Earth is to truly be the Mother of all upon it, then when will we not be appreciative of our existence? We among many, would Love to see more written with dedication, for preservation and the salvation of all life birthed upon it. Love and Peace Prevailing. ...louie

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Joseph Poewhit 18 September 2008

Poem is very profound

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Ben Gieske 18 September 2008

“Let the Orioles and Nightingales to stage Euphonious concerts on the radiating boughs Allow pretty bunnies and sweet little squirrels Trench and tickle my lush loam”. Very beautifully depicted. I love the “trench and tickle my lush loam”. You manage to sneak in some rhymes which spice up your work: sprouting, saplings, Spiking, Invading, and Building (all good action words in the present tense) . Then “ trough and trickle venomous straits/ Straight into ever loving heart/ When in distraught we”. The issue is a very serious one but you manage to present it in a delicate way that does not put off the reader in dismissing the consideration of it altogether. The first stanza is very enjoyable with all the descriptive words and images. It is a perfect introduction. The change in tone at the beginning of the second stanza enhances the presentation (The gullible victim, poor Mother Earth/ She whined and wailed in pain/ Implored the eminent Unknown) Changing the tone again and asking the question: What happened to thy covenants? My Lord) involves the reader even more into the discussion or complaint. Repetition of questions keeps up the interest and changes this into a personal conversation of which we cannot fail to be a part of. It’s as if we are really there witnessing the event” with mother nature standing on stage delivering her soliloquy. CONGRATULATIONS A perfect 10 without a doubt and with much praise.

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Ravi Sathasivam 20 September 2008

Absolutly magnificent write.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 25 September 2008

Beautiful compostition.10+

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Sochukwu Ivye 02 October 2017

Elegant words. Poetry in a grand style. Much kudos, Sir.

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Marilyn Lott 22 April 2009

You describe so perfectly what Mother Earth endures as well as her precious little creatures. A favorite for sure, Sathya. And a '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Reshma Ramesh 19 February 2009

beautiful........mother earth...she cries..good thoughts.....well penned

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Richa Dhodi 05 October 2008

A nice potrayal..

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 04 October 2008

a wonderfu; l dedication to mother earth... the usage of words is magnifcient... u made me run for a dictionary... :)

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

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