Light Of The Moon Poem by Manonton Dalan

Light Of The Moon

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shy cricket runs beneath the leaves
awe with moon searching for seeds
tiny antenae wiggles for safe passage
find frog’s sticky tongue on her legs
sudden jump; leg left behind for a meal
sigh not, it’s okay; it will surely heal

powdered leaves shower ground
left with a slender stick on hand
traces scattered the soft dust abound
heading to banks where love was found
pond is calm, tree, chair still there
sweeping glimpse, just too much to bear

looking up, soaking eyes with tears
running through, moisten cheeks
on to the sand, a silent ticks
dark clouds, hiding heavenly affairs
touch of rusted metals fresh to mind
peeling paints, creeking joints remind

gentle breeze through prancing grass
a sweet melody, roam just as it was
flapping wings, splashing shower
rippling; like multipetaled flower
with the light of the moon above
slowly blooming most beautiful bud

M Asim Nehal 16 July 2016

Congrats for this lovely poem and POTD...

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Manonton Dalan 18 July 2016

thanks and have a nice day

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Bharati Nayak 16 July 2016

Light of moon is the love hidden in heart- -always fresh in memory- - It can touch you even many years after - - peeling paints.rust joints - -It can bloom most beautiful flowers.Thank you for sharing a wonderful poem.

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Manonton Dalan 18 July 2016

thank you very much and you most welcome

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 16 July 2016

the first stanza talks about how a cricket is wounded: The cricket mentioned here may be anything that is going through rough life, but end of the day all hurts will be healed.. How true you are Manonton Dalan! ! ..Best of Luck and May Gods of Heaven bless you with what ever you desire to have! !

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Anil Kumar Panda 16 July 2017

Great imagery and flow is so sweet. Nice poem. Congrats.

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Bharati Nayak 16 July 2017

I had read this poem exactly one year ago.It is nice to see this poem selected as Poem of the Day.Congratulations for this lovely write.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 16 July 2017

Its as soothing as in an evening under a huge cassia tree by a blue lake. Very well articulated paraphrasing. Congrats for being the member's PoD. X

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Nature is source of writing of poems and here I see a beautiful poem.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 16 July 2017

Reminds me of the song YOU COULD'VE BEEN THE ONE popularized by AMERICA.....wonderful poem....congrats on being chosen, Manonton... Rated 10++++

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Manonton Dalan

Manonton Dalan

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