After The Rain Poem by Manonton Dalan

After The Rain

Rating: 4.6

certain stillness up above
harmony after raindrop
birds start singing again
trees dripping wet; clean

fruit washed; so beautiful to look at
i could see ants crawling on branch
later on, grass grow, flowers bloom
as grasshoppers hopping for room

feel freshness of wind blow
hear ruffling leaves in hollow
see ebbing river; crystal clear
breath freely love is here

Akhtar Jawad 06 December 2015

A nice description, how rains affect life on the earth.

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Seema Jayaraman 16 November 2015

Beautiful Poem, I can feel and see the freshness after rain.. nostalgia hitting.. I remember the rain in Seattle.. though I come from the rain monsoon country I haven't seen rain like that I saw in Seattle, light, gentle, unrelenting, .. thanks for sharing

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 19 October 2015

Verily, a poem full of imagery and freshness that touches the soul...10 I invite you to read my poems

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Steffi Webster 28 November 2008

An interesting acheivement. The gradual progression into rhyming couplets makes me think of a dropp of water steadily flowing into a trickle and then a stream, growing with the swell of water... though I may be completely wrong! Even if I am I still thoroughly enjoyed it so well done x

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Reshma Ramesh 25 September 2008

small sweet and perfect.......superb

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Tom Allport 06 May 2017

a nice refreshing poem of nature doing her best to clean and quench the things that she loves......well written.

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Poppy Miller 17 January 2016

Great imagery here Manonton. I love the smell of the earth after the rain. Everything is washed clean and fresh.

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Valsa George 25 December 2015

With rain a lot of changes happen in Nature. Leaves grow greener, flowers bloom, birds begin singing again and everyone feels fresh! A lovely write!

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Hemendra Singh Deopa 20 December 2015

This is wonderful poem of yours as you mentioned about the beauty around to notice and to pen down, very nice poem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 16 December 2015

The freshness of life after the rain. Nice work.

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Manonton Dalan

Manonton Dalan

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