I Don'T Know! Poem by I am not A POET

I Don'T Know!

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I don't know from where I came,
I don't know where I will go,
I only know that now I am here,
I will be here as long as I am here.

I will be here as long as I am here
leaving behind my body I will disappear
to the stars that shine above there
my grandparents told me where,

Soulful Heart 04 January 2012

so beautifully said as if the child in u wanted to scream out................life is so simple yet we make it so complicated..........simple words simple life.......great write.

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Neela Nath Das 23 June 2012

Really, it seems that a child is telling a tale as he/she heard it.So, simple but nice.

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Emily Angel 08 August 2011

Nice write..Coz it's true....I can relate to this confusion...

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Romeo Della Valle 14 August 2011

Like they say: There are three kind of people in this World: 1) Those who make thins happen 2) Those who watch things happening and 3) Those who wonder what happened! Every mile starts with one first step and I think you made it! Now, the question remains: Would you continue at your own pace? You got the answer! Where you are right now I was and moved on and check where I am right now! In the World of possibilities, anything is possible! Read, read and read! and then, write, write and write so you can enrich your knowledge and give something to the World that is patiently waiting! 10+++ Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City....

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Zainab Zaheen 14 August 2011

its quiet true we all get lost at some point of time. but we have to find it in our hearts to find out way back... very well written.. keep writing..

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Arfa Iris 17 May 2014

Really good! ! We all disappear one day.. But its worst wen we know that we miss someone n wen he knows it..

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Urshula Davis 26 June 2012

This is beyond nice! Awesome! !

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Kaila George 26 June 2012

Can I not tempt you to write more poems, you write so naturally, yet you say your not poet, I beg to differ on that statment alone.

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Meena Mustafa 26 June 2012

Nice poem, enjoyed reading it.

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Meena Mustafa 26 June 2012

Nice poem, enjoyed reading it.

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