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I Hate It - Μου Τη Δίνει

Rating: 5.0
I hate it when I 'm getting old

When I want to buy something

And someone tells me it is sold

I hate it and I' m getting sick

When I wear denim and leather

And people tell me to wear silk

I hate it when I have to wake up

When I'm running to be on time

Only to find out I've been stood up

I hate it when a poem I'm trying to write

When my pencils are sharp enough

But I fail to set my words and thoughts right

I will surely hate it when my time will come

And I will be dead and buried while

Strangers will be drinking vodka and rum

Όταν αρχίσω και γερνάω πώς μου τη δίνει

Κι όταν κάτι ν' αγοράσω πολύ θέλω

και μου λεν' πως άλλο κομμάτι δεν έχει μείνει

Μου τη δίνει και άλλο τόσο μου τη σπάει

Όταν φορώ το δερμάτινο και το τζιν μου

Να μου λένε πως στην περίσταση δεν πάει

Μου τη δίνει το ξυπνητήρι που θα χτυπήσει

Που τρέχω για να 'μαι στην ώρα μου

Μόνο για να δω πως μ' έχουν στήσει

Μου τη δίνει όταν ποίημα πάω να γράψω

Και τα μολύβια έτοιμα έχω από καιρό

Μα λέξεις δε βρίσκω και μου 'ρχεται να κλάψω

Και όταν θα πεθάνω πώς θα μου τη δώσει

Που θα 'μαι βαθιά θαμμένος και νεκρός

Κι από λαρύγγια ξένα ούτε βότκα ούτε ρούμι θα γλιτώσει
Sunday, March 28, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: life,humour,satire
RH 29 March 2021
We might hate many things because they don't fall on place where we want them to be. But dtill thry serve the purpose to guide us or help us to achieve something.
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A poem with dark humour so honestly and truthfully penned. Top stars Kostas
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O dear Poet Kostas! A list of ' i hate it'! There is a sparkling truth in the midst of satire and humour. Anybody and everybody, would surely hate it, when we lie dead and buried while those living are drinking Vodka and Rum.....Really funny.... : ) d
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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 March 2021
2) I like very much your I HATE IT poem, Kostas! 5 Stars Full!
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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 March 2021
This poem is surely written in a sober state. I enjioyed reading all your dislikes. Next time perhaps all your likes. This poem fascinates me, Kostas! It started with being olld and it ended in being dead and buried. That vodka and rhum sounds very true, I can smell the odor. WOW!
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Bharati Nayak 29 March 2021
Truths told in great humour.I too will hate those situations ---Your pencil is very sharp and you are so able to set the words in proper places.Loved this poem
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M Asim Nehal 29 March 2021
Last line took it to the height of humor. The satire on social classes is par excellence, dear friend every time your poem reaches my heart. Loved it.
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LeeAnn Azzopardi 28 March 2021
you and me both Great poem! Bravo!
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Deluke Muwanigwa 28 March 2021
Bravo. You got me drunk with rum with your beautiful rhymes. It flowed like vodka right to the end. The story intact. Metaphors and imagery up there. I am reading it again.
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Robert Murray Smith 28 March 2021
We get them right out of our hair.
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