Indian Princess Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

Indian Princess

Rating: 4.3

As I slept, a dream came in the night

A savage beauty that was in my sight
She had long soft dark silky hair
Tied back with feathers so fair
A dress of hide accented with tassles
With beeds of the sea around her ankles
As she floated out her indian tee-pee
To sit along a camp fire aside me
Our souls locked at a heavenly oasis
There never would I leave my Indian princess

Stacey Watts 16 September 2008

What a truly beautiful poem. You know I could say so much here but I will choose to remain silent on the matter.. I liked the way you rhyme. Oh shall I forever be just a fleeting memory in the corners of a mind so great.. lol. I will leave you with the words of farewell..

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DELETED NOW 17 September 2008

why is it a savage beauty? oooo, I dying to know what inspired you.

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Victoria Dame 23 September 2008

A beautiful poem with nice rhythm and flow.

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Miriam Maia Padua 27 January 2009

beautiful dream... crafted and written beautifully your indian princess described by you vividly with enchanting beauty.....i can picture her out while reading your piece. 10+++

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Catrina Heart 19 January 2009

lovely and sweet...congratulations!

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Reshma Ramesh 04 November 2008


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Kyle Jones 28 October 2008


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DEAD PLEASURES 24 October 2008

<33333333 Great stuff. Beautiful poem.

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