Icy Waves Poem by Roshni D'Souza

Icy Waves

Rating: 5.0

Crashing into icy waves,
as I swim through your veins.

Each frigid beat reminds me,
I'll never wash away these stains.

The ebb and flow I meet here
are certainly doing their part.

They might just convince me
that you still have a heart.

Blessed are the heartless,
Heart-broken they'll never be.

But I keep swimming hopeful
that there's still hope for me.

Nikunj Sharma 17 August 2009

broken hearts are better as they have seen tatter for they know what lost love is for that matter, what love could be they dont swim in hope through eternal darkness they grope in search of light, and sun rays bright so have a heart, no matter how broken keep it with you, as love's token your poem is marvellous..............it gives roshni to everyone

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Sameer Ahmed 07 June 2009

A very wonderful poem with a very strong message of continuous struggle and effort in acquiring anyting. Hope never dies indeed.......10

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Shashendra Amalshan 28 May 2009

i came to this site as some wretched old dying person..but now I feel I m bit alive though..cause I v found some good friends in such a short time 'But I keep swimming hopeful that there's still hope for me' and I try to swimm too..but when I see the heavy waves that's gona crash in to me I feel bit bad...feel afraid.....anyway thanks ma'am for the words of inspiration 10++

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Catrina Heart 24 May 2009

fabulous written composition in a couplets form.............10+++

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a pinching love poem sweetly written, where the writer's skill is manifest. shan mark 10

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