.irrelevant Poem by C R Clark


Rating: 3.4

From somewhere deep within my being
The shadow of desperation harbors doubt
And my usual optimism is shaken
But, I pray, it is still intact
I refuse to yield to the temptation
To ask the useless question, why?
As if, to suggest that someone other than I
Were to blame for my mistakes in this life
Though ease and, even, affluence, I believe,
Are well within my reach, it seems,
They tend to “hover” just beyond my grasp
And though, distantly, I have seen them
And know, without a doubt, of their propinquity
They have, thus far, eluded me
And I sometimes feel… irrelevant

© C R Clark 12/01/2007

Ivor Hogg 17 January 2009

Succes lies in being happy Richard I have not met many wealthy men who are truly

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Fiona Davidson 17 January 2009

We are all unique and as such non of us is irrelavant...we all have our own place in this world....we just don't always see it...thank you for this excellent write....Fi

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Fay Slimm 17 January 2009

Ease and affuence are not enough to make anyone feel irrelavent about in their absence Richard - - - you are you and therefore a very special person...... an honest appraisal however and thank you....... from Fay.

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John Smith 17 January 2009

Made me: ( Very powerful Richard Beautifully written X

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AWWWW! ! ! I love the first line. I love the whole poem but the first line just catchs the readers eye. Checkmy poems out i just entered them today.

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Kelly Kel 11 February 2009

I absolutely love this poem. I believe everyone can relate to it. It always feels like contentment is right out of reach. 10!

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Jim Norausky 29 January 2009

One only has to read your biography to see how relevant you are personally. Perhaps you were writing about 'everyman' in your poem. Well done. Jim

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Ana Zaldivar 29 January 2009

This is a very beautiful poem, your feelings are well expressed within the words, i enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 23 January 2009

Oh man, who hasn't felt this was at one time or another. But, we know God has a purpose and it helps us to move one. Phil.1: 6 I enjoyed, Loyd

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