Immortals Poem by Vaibhav Pandey


Rating: 4.3

To understand the logic of greatness,
we need to be inexplicably illogical,
Neither by the artistic brilliance, never,
Nor by the philantropic demeanour,
Can one withstand Achilles, the warrior.

Those legends of the past, immortals.
Their surreal saga, immutable.
Gifted with the glory, unmatchable.
Surpassing their Stature, impossible.
Exactness of their excellence, debatable.........

Akram Saqib 14 March 2009

'Exactness of their excellence, debatable.'........ great words like those of classic thinkers well done

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Shekhar Joshi 14 March 2009

beautiful and forcing words you say so much with so limited words great work

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Alison Cassidy 15 March 2009

The irony of your last line rounds off this fine poem with aplomb. I like too, the paradox you describe. Mystery and paradox are the twin pedestals upon which wisdom sits. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Rajkumar Mukherjee 15 March 2009

Dear Vaibhav, Brilliance or Greatness may always be debatable since hardly we find someone following the same path again.Present would have been different perhaps, if we have followed the gospels properly. The use of matephors are unique. You are doing well at your age. Best of luck.--Rajkumar 9

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Randy Hogan 15 March 2009

Well writing and lovely.....10+++

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Yelena M. 05 April 2009

A very profound creation which is deeply imprinted in my mind...lasting somewhere beyond space. Thanks for this poem at the verge of time seeking immortality. Best wishes. A.

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Hari Khabrani 24 March 2009

Dear Vaibhav, it appears that you were once History student and yore you speak with the past glory. It is the age of nuke. But history never dies for particulars. History reminder is in the poem. Good work..

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Marilyn Lott 19 March 2009

Some people do seem larger than life and truly immortal. I consider Mother Theresa one of those special people. Nice poem, Vaibhav! Best Wishes, Marilyn

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LOVEFOOL Aka 19 March 2009

Good write, as plenty to say 10+

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Mark R Slaughter 18 March 2009

Powerful thought-provoking piece Vaibhav. Made me think! Mark

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