In His Country, Things Are Not Things Poem by ahmed khaled

In His Country, Things Are Not Things

Rating: 5.0

in his country:
things try to cross the borders
but it is borders,
which are..
to cross the things
in his country:
nightingales sleep to wake
but when they wake,
they wake..
in his country:
the songs kill the songs
the silence alone
say yea..
i am the master
i am the lord
in his country:
one thousand truths die
just to see,
one lie..
in his country:
the right is the wrong
the wrong is the right,
and the question..
in his country:
the point
the two lines
the three planes
are not..
an angle
and one plus one
equals zero.

Wang Qian 22 October 2011

Great poem ~! with some invisible power that tells the truth in a bright way...nice one ~! !

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Stefanie Fontker 22 October 2011

A wonderful message. Dreams are sometimes murdered before they are born. I love this.

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Shadow Girl 22 October 2011

Very nicely written with cryptic layers that translate to a strong message..good write.

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Dave Walker 22 October 2011

A very good and strong poem. A great write about things people Should know about. Fantastic.

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Jacqui Broad 22 October 2011

In this country I'd gladly live. Equality for all would be a dream come true...very great poem!

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Joses Tirtabudi 30 December 2011

Wow! Very deep! I like it! Great work!

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Unwritten Soul 23 October 2011

Back to the poem hunter and you dropp a special poem...i really wonderful one, deep meaning, philosophical fillings, and heart revealed feelings...To see wrong to be right is always confusing same as right to be wrong..The exchange of the reality to fantasy now really happened? Hope we not living in fairy tale where everywhere just full with lies...But yeah we still here to defend what white must call white and the black should call black...we need to clarify this...and you point the good sight Ahmed, nice poem..really! _Unwritten Soul

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Lenore Lee 23 October 2011

I love philosophies and this one is one of the best. Yes, things are always wrong and backwards and no matter what you do it is always going to be that way. Great poem with a better message! !

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Ahmed Khaled 23 October 2011

please good people, whoever, whatever and wherever you are, be aware that a true philosopher, writes not for special, he writes for general, this is the true philosophy you must know, and you should know further that love is the philosophy of all philosophies...therefore love for for you...

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Raymond Uyok 23 October 2011

Wellwoven absurdities portraying the negative vibrations that fight positive dreams and delight in fomenting chaos.

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