Paris And Ahmed, Ignition Philosophy Poem by ahmed khaled

Paris And Ahmed, Ignition Philosophy

Rating: 4.4

Have'nt you known, darling..
That things in you ignite,
To let the me in poetry..
Look at the poetry in me,
Or have'nt you known, darling..
That when the InmE ignites,
Things in you go down..
To let the poetry in me,
Look at the me..

Tanja Bulovic 01 January 2012

Beautiful. Love and light!

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Robert Roberts 31 December 2011

a passion ignites to give birth to a writer a poet a singer a musician the sites are marvelous and streets stained with talent nice write man

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Jacqui Broad 31 December 2011

Paris, France. The city of love. Being ignited with love, brings out the best poetry in any poet. What the heart is full of, the hand must write. A great poem, Ahmed.

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Unwritten Soul 30 December 2011

Ignite love with bright heart of many souls..As much love Ahmed pour here it is for Paris to be full of light...always_Unwritten Soul

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Vipins Puthooran 30 December 2011

A beautiful poem! Amazing write

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Louis Cecile 09 March 2012

Quite a poem that produces much thought in the reader. So for that alone. Well done.

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Salema Khatun 07 January 2012

this is a nice poem i like it and enjoyed...please read some of mine

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Nicky Hill 05 January 2012

lovely short but sweet

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D James Rushlow 05 January 2012

this is well put. I enjoy it. Thanks for sharing my friend.

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Blossom Mist 05 January 2012

Very Nice.......... Short and beautiful! ! ! it does speak of wat love can do

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