//// Alone In The Wind //// Poem by ahmed khaled

//// Alone In The Wind ////

Rating: 5.0

behind the wall
the no windows wall,
the doorless wall
4 women in hands of wind
spreading singing
to distant fields:
the grass and daisies
to dancing beauty:
rivers of pink waves,
green lights
and crimson shadows
to willows of no so green
to skies, the blue
and the blue
to lumberman's daughter
crying from happiness
solitude and eternity
uttering, uttering
what's for, you gone? o father
what's for, you left? o mother
o coming cold show mercy
for that lost daughter
for beauty she's got,
for the sad happines,
for flowers and singing
for those four women
singing in the far
and if it must to take
take what you want
just leave for her
her sad happiness.

Dead Leaf 30 December 2011

well written...great lines

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Soulful Heart 24 November 2011

beign a woman it touched to know what it feels to be a common woman...............expressed in such beautiful words...............thanx....'.just leave for her...her sad happiness'.

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Lexie Bousman 13 November 2011

On second reading, that really sucked.

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Leather Sandal 12 November 2011

From a breathing spirit that spreads light and warmth and beauty

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John Raubenheimer 10 November 2011

This is like a film or a painting with the rich colours and imagery. I admit I don't quite follow the story but what comes across is your compassionate embracing of life.

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Lexie Bousman 04 June 2012

I love ur poem its wonderful :)

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Alex Kult 04 January 2012

this poem is amazing. its so full of meaning, and so descriptive. its easy to get lost in this poem. nicely done :)

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Claudia Krizay 30 December 2011

a great poem and one of the best I have read on this site! Claudia

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Dave Walker 30 December 2011

A great poem, really worth reading.

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Winter Coulter 30 December 2011

I strongly admire your descriptions. They are very beautiful.

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