Love_Heart...Song Poem by ahmed khaled


Rating: 4.7

didn't you know......
love is made of iron......
didn't you know......
heart is made of glass......
what could happen......
if love......
strike the heart......

Dave Walker 09 November 2011

Really like this. Showing that love is a fragile thing. Good poem.

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Jacqui Broad 09 November 2011

This is an explosive piece of poetry. As soon as I took in the words, I could hear the glass shatter...magnificent!

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Rajat J.kidangan 09 November 2011

short and meaningful poem.really great bit of poetry

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Leather Sandal 09 November 2011

Thanks for inviting me... It is from a strong heart that truly knows love... and very remarkably and effectively delivered... very good

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Crimson Love 09 November 2011

This is a very unique and amazing poem! So many things are said in just a few lines of this poem, definatly a poem to make you think. Beautiful!

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Enyinwa Okechukwu Enyinwa 19 November 2011

Nice setting.. your works are great...

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Kaila George 13 November 2011

yes love is fragile...anything can happen when in love...its a wonderful poem and depics how fragile it can be when in a you treat it can be intresting as well...well done..excellent work

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Eric Cockrell 11 November 2011

very good imagery... and very true! good poetry!

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Abdallah Gamal 10 November 2011

Wow beautiful poem, outstanding, with a little lines you drew a unique picture full of different metaphors. Great work ma bro. :)

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K. Lemonspunk 10 November 2011

Very good. Lovely wording and great image to bring to mind. It is very nice.

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