Love_Heart...Song Poem by ahmed khaled


Rating: 4.7

didn't you know......
love is made of iron......
didn't you know......
heart is made of glass......
what could happen......
if love......
strike the heart......

Vipins Puthooran 10 November 2011

I think, it's a rare imagination though it's a well-expressed thought in a short poem... I've many to say about love but a few words, ''Love is Divine! ''..

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Shamba Kaunda 09 November 2011

its so rare to express feelings and imaginations in such a short phrase...well done..please read and comment on my poem i wanted to paint, thanx

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Costin Tanasescu 09 November 2011

Ahmed, i can say about your '' poem that you are on the right poetry way. I usually prefer the poems who contains concise lyrics so you are very close to my favorite poetry filed, sfere... good look!

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Jack Price 09 November 2011

First sir, thanks for the invite! It is a remarkable and striking poem. I myself like short poetry because it is thought provoking. I will add this to my favorites list. thanks again. call me J. L.

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Benjamin Paa Willie 09 November 2011

Expertly done. good work

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Enyinwa Okechukwu Enyinwa 19 November 2011

Nice setting.. your works are great...

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Kaila George 13 November 2011

yes love is fragile...anything can happen when in love...its a wonderful poem and depics how fragile it can be when in a you treat it can be intresting as well...well done..excellent work

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Eric Cockrell 11 November 2011

very good imagery... and very true! good poetry!

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Abdallah Gamal 10 November 2011

Wow beautiful poem, outstanding, with a little lines you drew a unique picture full of different metaphors. Great work ma bro. :)

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K. Lemonspunk 10 November 2011

Very good. Lovely wording and great image to bring to mind. It is very nice.

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