/ Lost In Words / Poem by ahmed khaled

/ Lost In Words /

Rating: 4.3

the sea was dust,
the dust was sea,
and both were sky
no one there
no one here
no one around
only the pens,
and this poet
lost in words

Heyyou Boy 12 January 2012

insightful enjoyed this poem good job

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Lawrence H 11 January 2012

Short wordings and sweet poem with a rhyme..I gave a rating of 6/10...maybe you inser more paragraphs to make 12 stanza to form a sonnet.

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Muhammmad Algnash 07 January 2012

I like it. I want contact u via my email

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Rigzin Namgyal 03 January 2012

..i wish i could give you more than 10..but sadly that is the only limit here..

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Rigzin Namgyal 03 January 2012

..the sea was dust.. ..the dust was sea..and both were sky.. ..these words made a chill run through my body.. ..words were few..but very very powerful..

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Crisa Earley 02 February 2012

I'm not quit sure but I really enjoyed this poem. It's beautiful, and has a certain innocence about it. It gives you a Brie into the poets solitude while he's writting. Very good!

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Deep Mukherjee 01 February 2012

yes; this is poetry and i am inspired; someday when i will be able enough; i will follow your footsteps! ! !

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Auro Bhattacharya 30 January 2012

Yes this one is one of the best works of you dear. Very imagery and deep meaning. Fantastic and you deserve the best appreciation.

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Fiona Eris Strand 27 January 2012

Thank you for inviting me to read this. I very much enjoy short and concise abstractions of this kind.

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Alicia Meyers 27 January 2012

I like it. :) Very good.

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