In My Back Yard Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

In My Back Yard

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In my back yard, there were lots of songs
The songs of the life, the song of the light
The song of the lives
The song of the nights
In my back yard you can heard this:
We are justice…and the long night
But we are the longest of light
And our heart is still childlike
In my back yard there are lots of things
Such a big heart that always have been
And…… there is no sign of it
No sign of those pure laughs
No sign of those pure cats
No sign of those cute kids,
Who were playing with me in this field
All were here, … in my back yard
But there is no sign, .. of my back life
There are forgotten all….
What the pithy!
But that big heart is always here!
Yes! My back yard is my child{y} big heart
That never leaves!

Bri Edwards 27 April 2014

HEY ellias ('known as captain A) , who knows you as Captain A? ? yes, a nice poem. i may even send it to MyPoemList; yes, i shall! yes, i DID. NOW i'll send a message with what i believe will be some corrections to the english, though it isn't bad for a young iranian guy! and now you are two years older and i think your english has improved! i have some very nice memories of my childhood, some even of the backyard. but most of them are of my wanderings around my neighborhood, especially in the fields and woods etc. and at my neighbor's house where i spent many enjoyable hours playing with the girl-almost-next-door; but we did not play doctor! however, we did eat chocolate cake her mom made. thanks for sharing. bri ;)

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Childhood memories & that child that lives forever within us, no matter what age we be never needs to die, these memories, as well as our forever child within are tightly locked within the vivid Minds-Eye of every one of us, and this presence has the ability to live a lifetime for your pleasure & world of chimeria...but only if you want it too...Nice Work! ~FjR~

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Terry O'leary 08 July 2012

Very nice poem, presenting a very vivid description! Nice work... Terry

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Unwritten Soul 03 July 2012

I really love this one, tender and full of memories, a great combination of spices, feeling, sentimental, value and leave me with a big smile, i back to my memories of childhood too..thanks for reminding me this, some good poems tell and some good poems share with great feel and the combination of both just amazing, like this one. loved it_Unwritten Soul

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Kee Thampi 23 May 2012

nice poem very good message

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Ellias Anderson Jr.

Ellias Anderson Jr.

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