Incredible India, My Motherland Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Incredible India, My Motherland

Rating: 4.5

Ah to this land of the monsoons
or should it have been the sunsoons?
Yet for frozen land tourists, a tropical boon.

Where bullock carts, stray dogs, horse carriages and cows
pedestrians, goats, bikes and rickshaws
scooters, trucks, motorbikes and cabs
all compete together in quirky traffic jams

So brakes forever screeching, the cars forever honking, hooting
while beggers begged and pickpockets could go a' looting on a footing

But where else you'd see, ducks and ponds in the city
buffaloes wallowing in mud without fear or pity!

Urban jungle eh, you'd think with a wink
and in many's esteem this land shan't ever sink.

Then pass the huge expanses of paddy fields and the rice farmer
and next come face to face with an Indian snake charmer!

Ah and the imposing edifice, Tajmahal, one of the seven wonders of the world
is no where else found, nor are the epic himalayas on any map unfurled
except for India, and a whole ocean with her name
The Indian ocean knows and salutes her fame!

As for me, meeting relatives there, is the best best part
then shopping too in each and every mart
shopping like crazy, filling the shopping cart!

Colin Bradley 17 March 2013

India is a beautifull & diverse Culture beautifully written

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 17 March 2013

I really love India and it's nice people and nature. so beautiful and fragrant. i like to visit India a day. well done

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Hans Vr 15 March 2013

A nice poem depicting the many flavours and colours of India. Wonderfully written, a pleasure to read.

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Soulful Heart 18 July 2013

So vivid..i fell in love with my country once again....thanx fr sharing

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Ramesh Rai 07 July 2013

thank you so much for the tribute.VANDE MATRAM is the universal slogan from india and so many contribution that can never be denied/ a mini world no color complexion land of all religions so many languages seasons fruits flowers n its swtness n fragrance climate simplicity courage brain drain and so on. something is still left like politician poor people and so on. thank you for sharing so much. regards

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 February 2018

A wonderful tribute to your motherland. It expresses in beautiful detail the great attributes of India. It shows your deep love for your country. Great piece.

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Akhtar Jawad 17 January 2017

India is my motherland as well, I can forget everything but my childhood and teen age that was passed in India can never be forgotten.

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Ken E Hall 01 May 2015

Love this tongue in cheek look at India that great country and lovers of animals and lovers of cricket too! Nice to read love of the land of ones birth...regards

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Rajnish Manga 19 January 2015

The poem is a great tribute by the poet to her motherland through simple words and narrating day to day activities which are mundane and interesting. I owe a big 'Thank You' to you.

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Geetha Jayakumar 07 September 2013

Wow a wonderful poem on my motherland, Incredible India. Each and every lines expressed so beautifully that I loved it reading twice. Loved it.

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

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